The Twins

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These images are seperated by the north island of New Zealand, approx 200miles apart from west coast to east coast. I couldn't believe how these images side by side, look like they are from a parallel universe, mirroring themselves, I call them the Twins.

On the left, solo exploring a rugged west coast, crossing 2 swollen rivers, and a lengthy walk, I stumbled upon this huge blow hole cave hidden inside an inshore island, I vividly remember standing here alone, in complete awe of the size and beauty of this scene.

On the right, an ancient volcanic island off the Coroandel coastline, that makes you feel like you have entered Jurassic Park, an absolute wonderland of nature and scenery. To get this shot, you need to freedive down 6m, under the saddle, and up inside a small hole, the view looking back out was so worth it.

I hope you can feel just a bit of what I felt in these moments of exploration.



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