Minted on Aug 22, 2021
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bitpixi.eth: "Walk in the metaverse and spill ranch everywhere you go! Your neighbors will love you."

Pillow_Prophet: "Are you tired of watery salad? Is there only Italian dressing at your inlaws BBQ? Then Ranch Flops are your choice of footwear! Experience the silky sensation of buttermilk between your toes.

James_Alec_Hardy: This is one small step for Ranch, and one giant leap for Ranchkind

Pillow_Prophet: lol

James_Alec_Hardy: try flip flopping this!

bitpixi.eth: Ranchkind one is funnyy

James_Alec_Hardy: Pulyxx take a womp picture that acts as a teleport link

James_Alec_Hardy: These sandals are made for Ranching, and thats just what they will do, these Ranch Sandals are going to Ranch all over you

*best description suggestions on the chat during the first live minting metaparty ever at Bitpixi's Bar. See more ranch art at Ranch Room.