30 years — LARIN

Minted on Dec 11, 2021
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I present to you the work in collaboration with the artists of RIK Animation studio, that managed to redraw a piece of my video "Larin - 30 years" frame by frame - https://youtu.be/KkbgTntjnPw - it turned out superb!
30 years is an important milestone in a person's life: there you rethink the principles of youth, there you get answers to questions that plagued you before.
The vision of the path, new goals, ideas of a different kind - you have to say "goodbye" to something, you have to pay respect to something! Youth crystallizes into maturity, values are re-evaluated, you begin to strive for wisdom (but this is not certain).
I dedicate my NFT to all who are just passing this milestone or have already passed the third "X".
Fellows, I hope you have passed it (or will pass it) without unnecessary crises and torments! On my behalf, I want you to know that there is nothing to worry about - it's cool, fun and calm here.
Greetings from the fourth decade! I shake hands with everyone!