Eye of Compassion

Minted on Jan 17, 2022
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To be seen through the eyes of compassion can mean so much to a person's existence. 

It is my experience that when we are accepted fully without judgment and questioning, we can feel truly seen and heard. An incredible force of inner transformation and even healing begins to takes place. 

I'm a person who is not gifted with words, so I tend to seek out nature's company where I don't have to do any verbal talking. In my experience, I have found that nature finds her own ways to communicate with us, letting us know that, we too, are being seen. This image captures that important moment for me where I felt touched by nature's eye (and tears) of compassion. 

Nature is both healer and teacher, and shows that we are all interconnected by design. Sharing love and compassion does not deplete the source from any, but rather amplifies it collectively. This moment taught me that life is a continuous flow of energy. 

Image: Macro of the center of a beautiful blooming rose.  Dimension 3456X2360