Phone (Charles Peterson X Phosphene)

Minted on Aug 31, 2021
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Artist Statement: "This was from my last photo shoot with Nirvana, a session for the cover of Alternative Press. It’s one I’m personally unhappy with, and in hindsight I would have done very differently. Having one of my nasty lifelong migraines that day didn’t help. But I loved it when Kurt’s assistant brought over this giant cell phone, something I’d never really seen before. It seemed like such a joke. I offered to break, but he just said keep going. Kurt didn’t look well at all, but he was accommodating as always. Seattle, 1993." - Charles Peterson

The winner of this auction will also receive an Infinite Objects of this NFT approximately 6 - 8 weeks after payment. Please contact [email protected] on logistics.

All emissions from this sale will be offset with high quality carbon offset credits by Phosphene.