Leave The Kids Out Of It.

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“No matter what or who you believe in, whatever conflict exists because of that, children have absolutely nothing to do with it.

I have a 4 year old and can’t imagine her living in a world where she could be hurt or killed over a conflict of faith, belief or land. I’m not pretending I know all the complexities of what is happening on the ground in Palestine, but I do know it’s nothing to do with the children. – Morgan.”

This NFT is unique.
The buyer will also receive an A2 Artist proof. Once the full run of prints below are sold, the files will be destroyed, making the NFT the unique piece.

The print is a Limited edition of 100 (across various sizes).
Available on
Signed, Embossed & Numbered.

The profits from this NFT & the prints will go to the P.C.R.F – Providing Humanitarian care for Gaza’s children.

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