Look mom, a little bird!

Look mom, a little bird!

Minted on Jul 21, 2021
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A boy notices two birds of prey holding onto a lump on the ground and he wants to play with them. "Look mom, a little bird!" belongs to the "Tales from Japan" series. In this series I make a tribute from a personal perspective, to certain aspects of ancient Japanese culture. This culture is present today through different forms that range from traditional prints and film productions to the more recent strength that have reached the effects related to anime and manga in general. It consists in turn of a sort of personal and fictitious narration open to the imagination, which seeks to bring the viewer closer to this culture, using a certain level of visual and symbolic emulation. The work promotes a reflection on such latent themes as the meaning of life and death, the spiritual, the symbolic and the ancestral. These themes reach a special magnitude precisely within Japanese culture and we find them increasingly related and interconnected with Western culture.



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