Behind the scenes #49

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Working as a dancer in the Chinese nightclub with my dance group and being a photographer at the same time I had a huge luck to capture the most interesting and cinematic moments of the behind-the-scenes life.
There is more burlesque than on the stage, the concentration of sexual fluids is more powerful than oxygen. There’s no falsehood – it’s not a scene, it’s their everyday life, our life, or rather mine.

Work 49 of 82
China, Chengdu, 2016

For each collector of this series of works, I have a present - an exclusive video which consists of backstage photos and videos where I am showcasing some life moments of the behind-the-scenes.

The physical series was exhibited and is in private and public collections in Hong Kong, UK, France, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, etc.

Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer 2017
Paris Photo 2017