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Through Eve's perspective, “Temptation” delves into the periphery of WAGMI — exploring a journey from innocence to shame to empowerment.

In her idyllic paradise, Eve fearlessly embraces her innate beauty, only to be enticed by a seductive serpent toward the forbidden tree of knowledge. This choice unveils the shame surrounding her nudity and instills a haunting sense of being an imposter in her own existence.

Guided by her familiars, she embarks on a transformative journey towards empowerment, liberating herself from insecurities and embracing her creative spirit with unwavering determination.

2160 px ×  3840px
Digital collage with public domain imagery.

(Created for the WAGMI Exhibition at Galerie IHAM Paris, powered by Gxrls Revolution and Jean-Michel Pailhon. Curated by Marie-Odile.)