Minted on Aug 23, 2021
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2160px x 2160px
Material: Moon, Earth (Photo: NASA)
Photoshop / Illustrator / AfterEffects


The first auction winner could get the acrylic prototype of PIXEL MOON! Please contact me after winning the auction via FB/IG/Twitter from my front page within 30days.
W 90 x H 90 x H 3mm / 8 pieces set

Check the details at my instagram photo @kosekolabo


I pixelated #01 MOON SIDE UP, which is my previous artwork that made the planets to look like a fried egg. 

The planets gradually becomes abstracted and pixelated fried egg will be revealed. However, as the resolution increases again, we are reminded that they are actual photographs of the moon and the earth.

By repeating this pixel abstraction and figuration, I aim to make the borderline between fried eggs and planets even more ambiguous for the viewer.