Artist's Self Portrait #2--I am not afrAId

Artwork information

"I am not afrAId" is a science fiction NFT starring artist/actor Kevin Page. The story is about a lone man stranded on a space ship in a confrontation with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) sentient being. The short story that this comes from has many twists and turns, but near the end, our unnamed hero loses hold of human consensus-reality (what we all agree is real) and begins a distended period of transformation both in physical form and conscious awareness. Call it a moment of dark enlightenment....

The music is an interpretation of what is in the spaceman's head as he cycles through realities trying to reestablish a stable identity and time-sense.

Frame-by-frame animation with software and AI-assistance (ironically).

Original soundtrack written and performed by the artist.

15 second loop with sound. Master .mp4 file, 20.2 mg. 1080x1080 px.

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