Lost in the nightmare

Minted on Aug 2, 2021
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They're looking at us
We're lost in the loneliness of our dreams
From here to our dreams there's a dark long passage
Full of(loaded with) the sound of wind and waves
Devoid of man's voice
These people speak in their head
In their head they speak their mother tongue
In their head they dream in their mother tongue
This is the demise in the mother tongue
It was written somewhere "were do our voice go when we die?"
I believe voices of many would get lost in the raid(pour) of the silence of the ocean

This work is a memorial for all of those refugees who lose their dreams in the ocean

Painter and art director : Kamand Kavand
Sound and 3D designer : Behrooz Seifi
Story writer : Kimia Kavand
Translation : Mehdi Bahrami