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Digital painting as part of my Uncut Gummies collection.

These pieces are the culmination of the last 12 months of my artistic practice, merging together both analog and digital. It’s the story of my deep dive into the world of NFTs that started early in 2020 and the the isolation, anxiety and, in a strange way, freedom the pandemic has brought me.

I have been locked away making art almost every single day, and whilst feeling remote I’ve also connected with more people, albeit online, than ever before. I’ve had dark moments but also weird euphoric periods with creative breakthroughs that might not have been possible in the distracting ‘before time’. These works are buoyant, happy, sad, loud, mellow, fraught, colourful, light and dark. Integral to each piece is the music, crafted by my brother, from the same mother, Todayidance.

Truly they are the audio embodiment of my fuzzy rainbow-hued aesthetic. It’s my hope that the pieces will one day be displayed large and loud.

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