Horus | TIME 01

Minted on Nov 6, 2021
Created by


How do our senses perceive, understand and distort time? What exactly is the sixth sense, which you can also call an intuition, a gut feeling, an instinct? Why does time fly so fast when we are in deep sleep? Why does time pass so slowly when we are in intense pain?
Is death like falling asleep and billions of years pass until we wake up to be alive?
What if we wake up when we are supposed to be fast asleep?
But when we do wake we are not in a living form, we just exist in an ocean of darkness and nothingness where there is no time?

This is the original 1/1 Illustration
Many coloured alternate variants of this have been created and will be listed soon on open sea

The FIRST bid will get one coloured which will be a rare variant

The WINNING bid will get
-1 rare coloured Horus
-high resolution jpg image of this NFT,
-1 more NFT from the TIME series called ‘Time Dilation’ which will be a continuation of this work
-and will also receive the only printed and framed edition of this piece