I am gospel. Sing me.

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“I used to hate this kind of flower.” Fey rolls flower stalk between fingers. Ban-Mai-Roo-Roi is her Thai name which can be translated as Eternal Bloom in English.

Why? I ask.

"It's one of common flowers used in traditional ceremonies. Thai Teacher's Day, for example. You'll see Ban-mai-roo-roi or Eternal Bloom in every single pedestal tray that day." He tells nostalgic story with smile.

"When I grew up, things changed, I have changed. I fall in love with everything I sense from this flower. It's like divine creation: perfect round shape, amazing petals aestivation, long storage life as her name—Eternal Bloom."

I nod. "You even cherish her part that you once hated."

"Yes." Fey laughs. "I even cherish her sense of being traditional ceremony flower."

I smile.

"This is my story." Fey look at plain paper and soft pastels. "Mine equals yours."

It’s time to paint us.
I look in the mirror
and start painting our left eye.

Second piece of non-binaries series
5000 x 6714 pixels

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