Trapped in a Circus War

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Thousands of Jews were expected to arrive in LA from the Soviet Union during the 80s.

My family was one of them.

No home, money, or English...nothing.

Whenever I recall that story, what comes to mind more than anything in a world that seems very different from today, is the grit to pursue & persevere.

For us, the Russian invasion into Ukraine is all too familiar.

"Trapped in a Circus War" is a dystopian circus piece. An autocrat puppeteer plucking people into a nightmarish realm of death. The person can't escape history - the surrounding buildings towering. Amusement for one, terror for the other.

Again, Ukrainian Jews find themselves in another war where they must leave & start over.

50% of this sale is going to the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, who assisted my family during a time of survival. The JFedLA is providing relief to about 200,000 people through the Ukrainian crisis.

The JFedLA was one of the places that changed my family’s life & allowed mine to begin.