Una Flor Amarilla | Gold edition

Minted on Apr 4, 2022

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Small spaces with eternal dimensions. "A yellow flower" is the description of a free zone where the vocation of an artist originated. Not even he knows where the meaning of this work goes, but he does feel where it comes from.

In Chorrillos neighborhood, a child without siblings turned the tiny garden of the house where his mother worked as a housekeeper into the canvas of an eternal painting. Beetles and ants became the gods of a child's mythology in that private forest. Weeds and dandelions into leafy trees and hand-dug ponds into giant lagoons that dried up daily.

A child holding a flower and growing with it under the sun describes what we see, but at the same time, a poem we are not allowed to understand. This might be a thirty-nine-second summary of the artist's life, or perhaps it is simply the story of a child who continues to live in a garden that will never belong to him.

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