Austin, Texas - March 2019

Day 1 of the US Tour - my first day ever in the United States. Full to the brim of excitement, I was chowing down on the best chicken tenders and ranch from this place with a typically huge neon sign which just so happened to be in the same complex as our hotel.

I was truly loving life. I finally made it Stateside to perform, something I'd dreamt about since my early teens, and I felt so at home. All of my past travel experiences caused me extreme anxiety (I'm talking physically not being able to eat anxiety) and I always felt out of place, but here I felt a sense of belonging, a sense of familiarity, an air of coolness; pair all of that with bloody good food and you have a winner.

In this little pocket of Austin I discovered the spark in life that I'd been waiting for; I think I left it on the tarmac at Washington Dulles airport on my way back home to the UK if anyone happens to be passing...