Superior, Montana - On the Bitterroot Mountain Range. March 2019.

For context: This was taken during my first major tour as a session drummer. It was my first trip to The States(!). I felt emotionally conflicted between the exhilaration of desired adventure and the inescapable isolation endured in the company of condescending energy-suckers.

I found myself hiking up a small mountain located in this little ol' town named Superior - population of 830. We'd pulled up in our tour bus for a stopover during our long journey from Vancouver to Minneapolis and got a couple of questionable looks from some of the locals driving around in their pickup truck.
It felt like a bit of a ghost town but we saw there was a hiking trail nearby and fancied soaking in the hot sun. We ended up experiencing the most beautiful view of the whole town and its surroundings from above.

From a rubble of desolate thoughts surfaced a gem of personal delight.