Taken in 2019 in Glendive, Montana during my first major tour as a session drummer. It was my first trip to The States(!), and it just so happened to be my 22nd birthday that day. We’d stopped off here the night before to break up the 3000 km (1800 miles) or so journey from our show in Vancouver at The Wise Hall to our next destination in Minneapolis at The Fine Line.

It was a time of conflicting emotion for me.
I'd finally landed my dream job of touring with a band in the States, something I'd been working for since I was 8 years old. Meanwhile I was the loneliest and most confused I'd ever felt. Turns out that spending every waking moment with people I frankly disliked with no real escape is a good way of showing you what you don’t want in life.

This image captures the long road ahead, both literally and figuratively, and reminds me of the concoction of pure joy I felt soaking up my first taste of the US combined with confusion, isolation and a sinking feeling of disappointment.