3ᗫ ßʘᗫⵖ ᙏαϏԐᕫᑶ

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Ines alpha first attempt to add 3D makeup on her own body, trying to fantasize how a digital body accessory could look like without any physical restraints. Defying gravity, using iridescent textures, creating aquatic veils, the piece almost seems like a new life form that could grow from its owner's skin tissue.

3ᗫ ßʘᗫⵖ ᙏαϏԐᕫᑶ has been shown at the following exhibitions:

  • MFK, 'SUPER', Berne, 2021
  • Alpha Manifestations, Art Mûr, Montréal, 2021
  • Brawhaus x EP7, Paris, 2021
  • Biennale du design graphique, Chaumont, 2021
  • Meta.Morf X, Trondheim Biennale Center, Norway, 2020
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