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2891 x 4336 jpeg. Photograph by Hugo Faz. 1 of 6 photographs from the SOMBRA collection.

Inspired by Alberto Manguel's "The Library at Night", SOMBRA speaks unapologetically about the Censorship of thought and of bodies; about repression, and judgment. The performative imagery brings to life and sheds light on the artistic and literary works hidden throughout history out of reach on the highest shelves, locked or removed from circulation for their queer, erotic, fanciful or thought-provoking content.

Teatro da Pombagira is a groundbreaking performance art company producing norm-challenging, iconic, disruptive acts since 2005. The live performance for SOMBRA is available to watch in full at teatrodapombagira.art.

All NU NFT proceeds go to further incubating and sponsoring new talented non-english speaking artists' genesis mints. See nunft.art for more.

Signed archival quality 1/1 print to be shipped worldwide to primary collector upon request.