Love unapologetically, unconditionally! #PRIDE

Minted on Oct 2, 2021
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Since childhood, I’ve been fortunate to be around friends from different caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender, and disability.

Growing up, little did I know that focussing on the differences would only restrict me from enjoying the oneness that connects us all!

When a bunch of my friends, right now, find it really hard to come out in public about their identity, I dedicate this artwork to express my tremendous support and love for who they are themselves!

I envision a world where we respect each other, motivate one another, communicate constantly, dedicate to growing, focus on the present, and add humor that brings everyone comfort!

And most importantly, LOVE!

Love unapologetically and loudly. LOVE in ways that have no limits. Let it part seas and move mountains. Let it sore so high and dive so deep!!!


Made with love, using 180 Rubik’s cubes!