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Colin Goldberg, Interpolation, 1999-2022
23-second MPEG-4 video, 1674 x 2160 px
Minted on Ethereum, edition 1/1

METAGRAPH ANIMATION #17 // This piece is based on the eponymous vector-based digital drawing drawn in my Avenue A studio in Manhattan’s East Village in 1999. The composition is an early example from my Metagraph series of digital drawings. This body of work was informed by a diverse range of sources, including Hard-edge painting, Op Art, and the “automatic drawings” of the Surrealists. The piece was originally drawn on a Wacom tablet on a PowerMac 8600 in Illustrator 8.  It has been reborn on the blockchain as an animated NFT 23 years later. The work was set into motion with Adobe Animate, incorporating an original soundscape inspired by the improvised sounds of Bebop. This work was minted on December 23, 2022, my 51st birthday.