Ronin — Psychedelic Mystical Visionary Trippy Art

Minted on Aug 6, 2021
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The first of five paintings, each of which is dedicated to the knowledge of a specific aspect of reality. Each of the works in the series is a continuation of the previous one. Subjects, colors and objects came from the creative flow. The creation of the artwork takes about a month — from comprehending to drawing . Moreover, all the paintings are the fruit of many years of dedication to the path of unconditional knowledge and love. «Ronin» was the first work in the series. It opened the door for all other paintings — this artwork is a manifestation of intention. Do you accept the challenge and do you understand why you are doing it?

Minted in collaboration with the painter: t.n.x.o. After purchase, we will also send you by mail or courier a real version of this NFT, printed on fabric as a tapestry: size 150x100 cm (60x40''). Please contact with us via Instagram or Twitter.

Image size: 3124 x 4500/100 dpi. Can be printed and used for deco.

Have a nice trip. Aho! ॐ