Mushroom Power — Trippy Meditation Fantasy Art

Minted on Aug 6, 2021
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«Mushroom Power»

Communication portal with the power of the mushroom and wild nature. In today's digital world, it is very important to remember your roots and unity with the Earth. This artwork was created for several months, until the connection of the compositional visual aspect with the inner multidimensional content was found. Minted in collaboration with the painter Anna Andreeva. After the purchase, we will also send you by mail or courier a real version of this art, printed on fabric as a tapestry: size 150x111 cm (60x44''). Please contact with us via Instagram or Twitter.

This is a reproduction of the real painting. The uniqueness of the work is that when you zoom in, you can see the smallest strokes of the artist's brush. After creating it was photographed and then carefully digitized in graphic editor. It took the artist several months to create the original.

Image size: 2563 x 3453/160 dpi. Can be printed and used for deco.

We will be very glad if you like this art. ॐ