Forest Queen — Visionary Spiritual Surreal Artwork

Minted on Aug 6, 2021
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«Forest Queen»

This artwork depicts a divine being — a nymph of the forest. She is the embodiment of the giving birth and preserving forces of nature. Her essence is soft, but belligerent, because in case of danger, the nymph is able to subjugate the forces of the earth. Minted in collaboration with the painter Nika Samarina. Upon purchase, we can also send you by mail or courier a real version of this picture, printed on fabric as a tapestry: size 124x200 cm (49x80''). Please contact with us via Instagram or Twitter.

This job is a reproduction of a real painting made by the artist on the canvas, digitized in high quality. Since this is a digital version of painting, you can even see the artist's brush strokes when zoomed in. It took the artist several months to create the original. After creating it was photographed and then carefully digitized in graphic editor.

Image size: 2521 x  4063/130 dpi. Can be printed used for deco.

We will be very glad if you like this art. ॐ