I am two of Ethereum.

Minted on Apr 13, 2022


I want this and I want that.
I portray the dilemma when presented with a choice,
and in the end, I pick both.
I play a game of “Two Choices” and yet, I remain centred.
I've come to terms with my indecisiveness,
I've embraced it and made it stronger.
The infinite suggests a becoming, that what is not, that what is being, letting everything flow.
I overcome the earthbound movements of my duality,
I'm able to hold two, while I watch in the distance for three.
I can because I want to.
I can because I know who the man who holds two is.

Yo soy dos Ethereums

Yo quiero aquí y quiero allá.
Soy la disyuntiva en la elección, sin embargo, elijo dos.
Juego a “ambas cosas”, mientras me mantengo en mi centro.
He aceptado mi indecisión, la abrazo y la potencio.
El infinito me propone el devenir, el no es, al va siendo, el dejar fluir.
Sorteo los movimientos telúricos de mi dualidad,
puedo sostener dos, mientras a lo lejos avizoro tres.
Puedo porque sé el hombre que carga dos, quién es.