Mother Ignoring Kid Drowning In A Pool

Minted on Aug 12, 2021
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In the winter of 1989, the Lepp family was on Christmas vacation in Venice, FL. Youngest daughter Kaitlin was nervous about swimming in the pool. Father Gary Lepp decided to capture the moment she jumped in towards her mother Tami, oblivious to the fact that older sister Amanda was struggling to stay afloat in the foreground. Once the film was developed the photo became an inside joke to the family. On "Siblings Day" in April of 2016, Kaitlin shared the photo to her Facebook page joking that "Some things never change...". As the post started to get passed around social media, it made its way to Reddit under the title "Mother Ignoring Kid Drowning in a Pool". The Drowning Kid meme was born.

This 1/1 authenticated NFT is being offered by Amanda Lepp on behalf of the Lepp family.

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