Mother Earth: Alone but not lonesome

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“It’s easier to love humanity than to do good to your own mother.” H. Skovoroda

This war has awakened the whole world. That’s not the 21st century we’ve all been waiting for. But nothing happens by chance. War, like any conflict of external forces, is a continuation of an internal conflict. It has a taste, a smell, a vibration, and an inner voice we have tried to ignore. How come we haven’t noticed these inner sounds before?

And in any war, everyone has their share of suffering. If a finger hurts, it hurts the whole individual. If it hurts one person, it hurts the entire Earth. The Earth, an archetypal woman, is now being abused by her own sons. But she doesn’t differentiate between friends or foes. She gave birth to everyone and will take them all back. And we can feel her heart hurting. Because it’s heart is now located in Ukraine. Mother Earth: you are alone, but you are not lonesome.