The Protector!

Minted on Oct 2, 2021
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I was really lucky to click this amazing daring female elephant ! It was really awesome to get her location exactly at the centre of image & most important was her protector pose.

Wildlife often shows astonishing leadership. All elephant herds are led by a female elephant, the so-called “matriarch”. Her daughter is groomed and trained throughout her life to take over when the matriarch will eventually be too old to lead the herd. At this time the old matriarch will stay behind to calmly lay down and die so not to burden the herd that needs to be on the move almost 24 hours a day.

This image is clicked at Amboseli National Park Kenya.

Protecting tuskers is the park’s main focus thanks to the Amboseli Trust for Elephants, which aims to ensure the long-term welfare of Africa’s beloved pachyderms.

The most common types of Amboseli elephant pictures in my collection are Mothers with their Calves, Tuskers like Iconic Tim and Family Groups.