The Kid Turned Out Fine Mom

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The kid turned out fine, mom. 🙂

He might have anxiety and is not used to being confident, prioritizing himself, asking for help, being happy, but I swear he is fine right now.

He might not be the best at what he's doing, but he's not going to stop. He made a ton of plans. And all of them scare the sh*t out of him. And he's going to work his ass off until those plans become reality. He has to!

And yeah, he might not be calling you as often as you'd like. He might not tell you what's happening in his life. And you might never find out how many times he got heartbroken, bullied, used, and many-many other things.
But that's fine. He learned. A lot. And is still learning and evolving. And all those stuff? It taught him to love people, even tho he doesn't love himself. Maybe one day.

So, yeah... The kid turned out fine, mom. Love ya. ❤️

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