The Seasons

The Seasons

Minted on Sep 5, 2021
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A study of Lagangarbh hut through the seasons of Scotland, Autumn, Summer, and Winter. Each bringing its own uniqueness to the landscape of Glencoe valley.

This iconic landmark sits afoot the Buachaille Etive Mòr, and is one of the most photographed scenes in Scotland. So how do you be unique in an area visited by millions?

I had envisaged the Idea of studying a static subject across the seasons a few years. The process of capturing this series of images took a whole year. Returning to the same spot many times, using the same 85mm lens. During Autumn of 2019, Winter, and Summer of 2020.

The Seasons NFT comes with an Ultra-HD print, shipped worldwide. Contact [email protected] after the sale.

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