Sierra [Autumn] (2012)

Minted on Oct 8, 2021
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I grew up in Illinois where the four seasons are very pronounced. They set a rhythm that I find comforting. Every year I try to make at least one Autumn render with that irresistible color palette, sometimes more than one. They are some of my most popular wallpapers.

My 2012 "Sierra" scene was initially imagined as a view from the bottom of my famous "Highland Spring" valley. Folks loved it an the requests came pouring in for an Autumn version because it was around that time of year.

I created this scene by rendering it twice. Once with green leaves and one with autumn colors. I then used Photoshop to combine the two and mix the colors to suit. Later I figure out how to do this in 3D. Every render is an opportunity to learn something new :-)

Created and rendered using Vue d'Esprit and added to the Members Gallery on 10/2/12.