This is Exhausting

Minted on Oct 3, 2021
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This is Exhausting

When xe saw CODA, Teresa was fascinated by the movement “This is exhausting” from the ASL. Deformation from which xe drew inspiration for this silent visual.

Hi, I'm the other half who dances together with Cesar. As you can see we dance so evenly that it looks like it was made by a computer. I'm almost always the one on the right. In the last works we created some kind of characters with particular movements, this specific one is a deformation of Teresa. Teresa is a character full of rage, anger, frustration and grudge. Always has difficulties moving and problems hearing. Because of this we have had to add random sounds to each video. Originally Teresa is not wearing anything on xer torso. (You can see the original in Flower Boy) but we made an exception in these. Teresa wears a military jacket from Cesar's Spanish great-grandfather and black American trousers. The idea was Teresa's. Any questions ask xer, unfortunately Teresa is mute and is currently learning ASL.