Naga: The Bee Catcher

Artwork information

A naga (serpent) loops circuitously throughout the scene. Sections of its outer scales peel away, revealing a pale skin, dotted with blinking eyes. White flowers sprout from the surface of the serpent’s body, attracting the thirsty proboscis of a bumblebee.

A heart-studded underbelly glows iteratively toward its lower mouth, where we are met with a grin and jiggling forked tongue. A pair of grimacing jaws follow in place of eyes. These set dimly beneath a thick glistening tongue dripping saliva as it emerges from a yellow invertebrate mouth.

Light emerges from the serpent's "brain", broadcast through facets of a mind composed of writhing branches.

A single paint brush quietly strokes the Naga’s scales at the bottom of the scene.

The imagery is curated within the rich natural sounds of a wetland.

It is worth noting that this was an almost wholly emergent archetype (unplanned), and that it seems to share a psychological connection to my signature work, "The Moth Catcher".

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