Every Body Is A Beach Body - Soho House HK Edition

Minted on Oct 9, 2021
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This is a digital representation of the physical Xenon Neon art, "Every Body Is A Beach Body" exhibited at Karen Leung Foundation's ExtraOrdinary Exhibition at Soho House Hong Kong in Oct 2021.

💪 As the only female neon practitioner in the male-dominant and dangerous neon industry in Hong Kong, I hope to empower and enhance female capability through my work.

🏖 With a collective of international women’s bodies images collected amongst my friends, I wish to feature their bodyscapes and express the idea of “Every Body Is A Beach Body” through an organic heart shape achieved from glass blowing and neon bending.

💖 The work celebrates all kinds of female bodies despite the shape and skin colour. The heart shape also illustrates self-love and the #courage from those women who submitted their images on a different level of self-confidence in their bodies.

🥇The original physical piece is also the first Xenon neon art in HK (It is also the gas that creates the unique wiggly effect!)