VOID - by Mind Fertilizer

Minted on Jul 27, 2021
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A life that maybe isn't going how you wanted it to go.
People that you have lost or had let go. Or that maybe let you go.
Moments that are gone forever. And others that never happened.
Far away places that feel like home. And houses that feel like cages.
Questions without an answer and way too many answers that you didn't want to hear.

A sad mind full of heavy words.
A VOID in the middle of your existence.

A heart that still wants to believe and have hope.
Trying to make things right, once again.
Trying to believe. Trying to smile again.
Trying to see the face in the mirror beyond all the chaos.

An impromptu reflection on the bad moments in our lives, the ones where we feel the least powerful, the ones that leave scars in our skin and mind. An uncertain future made of hope and tears. A tomorrow with unstable weather. Fighting to be able to smile again.

NFT by Mind Fertilizer.

Mind Fertilizer are:
PureBlackLove (Eva Di Martino)

  • Bob Rage & Peanuke (Roberto & Paolo Bonato).