She Is Inertia

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I’m afraid of where I’ve gone

I’ve lost myself completely

All these many years I’m missing

but drank my vodka neatly

the rush was kept in secret

bottled hid beneath the bed

blackened nights spent solitary

and my thoughts that urged me dead

a battle i was fighting

many years i had not known

but continued down this black hole

where i traveled all alone

a light i was avoiding

it had shown behind my eyes

but i quickly dampened spirits

with my tears drenched in red wine

I woke up ten years later

in a mind not of my own

and i cried in desperate longing

for a life that has now gone

that time is now forgotten

the deep scars have yet to fade

on a better path i’m on now

a promise taken to my grave.

Created, drawn & written by Baron_S (Sprite Overlordess) 6YS as of 2022-08-05