The Mystery v3-dv2 (digital and physical)

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The Mystery v3-dv2 (ghost, glass, gold), 2021
GLB model in HTML environment, custom cursors, AR
Dimensions variable (landscape)
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The Mystery v3 (red, lemon, bronze) , 2021
3D printed resin, bronze, epoxy clay, muslin, wax, pigment
40 x 16.7 x 15.7 cm
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This NFT token represents 1 tangible sculpture and the digital version with AR, at IPFS CID QmX2xiMdA6BLn4sZ3p7BVE71GNXf13fX9i6GPLdb9my8jE

“The Mystery” is a series of meditations on mortality and vanity created by Auriea Harvey.
The physical sculpture, in resin, is paired with an interactive version (digital version 2, (ghost, gold)) and when viewed on mobile, offers a third view of the piece (glass, gold).

Minted in conjunction with the exhibition “Liminal Territories” at pal project gallery, Paris (02 Oct - 20 Nov, 2021) for info, links, and images of all three sculptures offered with this NFT go to: http://auriea.art/x/palproject

The digital and the tangible are conceptually linked and should not be separated.

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