Genesis (Graffiti) Wall :: Iteration 5 (Panel 2)

Minted on Sep 1, 2021
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Panel 2 of 5 (The Afghanistan Suite: Freedom For All Women) 78 past & present studies / works as metaphorical Tags over and under one another across 5 unique GGW wall sections making up Iteration 5 (Polyptych)
Tags accumulated August 18 - September 2nd. Informed by dialogical conversations with Artists & Activists: Iranian @SharifiShadeh and Kurd @koshesalayi.
Works included were created between 2008 and 2021
Includes @akachambo Graffiti Tag from Phoenix Arizona, USA
Includes @BlockMuse poem written for the Wall, translated into Arabic for the tag by @koshesalayi

Please refer to the following theory essays for further explanation: