Ronsenac, France

Minted on Aug 25, 2021
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Everything is connected to everything else, from sub-atomic particles to colossal celestial bodies. Universally exerting a gravitational pull and constructed from the same units of matter, the inescapable truth is that we are forever entwined. Otherworlds is an expression of the child-like wonderment when surveying the never-ending vastness of the oceans, or joining up the dots in the boundless night sky; feeling acutely conscious of the insignificance of our brief existence here, whilst simultaneously experiencing the awe of being woven into the fabric of the cosmos.

In an attempt to see the unseen, this series of images was created by pushing the technical boundaries of the photographic medium. By using artificial lighting and extended stutter speeds, the work uncovers a world not visible to the human eye; for the briefest of moments we are able to tap into the Otherworlds. Each piece is free from digital manipulation, to maintain the authenticity of these encounters.