Motukiekie Sunset

Minted on Dec 11, 2021


Spectacular sunset colour over the Tasman Sea lights the beach and surf at Motukiekie on the West Coast of South Island, Aotearoa New Zealand.

This is my first Creative Commons 0 Licence NFT on Foundation with all rights released to the world upon purchase.

Alistair Keddie grants a worldwide copyright license to download, distribute, and use as wished without any permission needed from the artist or NFT owner once the NFT has been purchased.

The licence takes effect once the NFT has sold and not before.

The primary collector of this NFT also has the option to receive a signed fine art print at no extra cost.

1 of 1 Edition
Canon 5D (bracketed exposure)
17mm @ f/11, ISO 50
July 2008
4077 x 2912