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#2 in the 'Hollow Earth' series
1920 × 1080 / 07 sec loop / animated sculpture
For Hollow Earth, I developed a series of psychedelic moving image pieces. They began life as a visual journey created to accompany the live performances of Blanck Mass.

The jarring and hypnotic sequences utilise CGI techniques to create a surreal journey that mimics the gestation of alien life, from a small metallic stone into a contorted entity that then travels over kaleidoscopic, volcanic landscapes.

The birth of the 'growth' originated entirely as an instinctive visual response to the beautiful complexity of the life cycle. There was never a predetermined style for the visuals, each stage was unplanned, allowing the form to be moulded instinctively, resulting in a jarring juxtaposition between ancient and alien imagery, presented across a sequence of hypnotic absorbing vignettes.

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