The Toucan's Toss...

The Toucan's Toss...

Minted on Oct 3, 2021
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This image was shot on my first trip to Costa Rica so this image is very special and makes it as my 2nd NFT. If you have seen the movie "Rio", then you know a Toucan. Toucans are very attractive looking birds found only in South America with their distinctive features, especially the long beak and traits.

It had rained all night in the forests and this meant that these birds would come to feed plantain. As expected, after a long day of wait, by mid-day, two individuals flew in. Of the many shots, here is the shot of the day captured before the bananas went down which was timed to freeze the action. Long beaks mean a toss is inevitable to get the food down.

I will be giving away 20% from the proceeds of this NFT sale towards an organization actively working towards supporting wildlife conservation in South America. A receipt for this contribution will be provided to the buyer post sale.

Additionally, the first buyer of this NFT will receive an A3 sized fine art print sent to them.



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