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Sanctuary is a 1/1 NFT photograph I captured the Upper Antelope Canyon of Paige, Arizona. This spiritual Navajo canyon is approximately 60 million years old. Special permission and permit is needed to photograph professionally and use a tripod in the canyon. The colors, design, textures and light beams are extraordinary. The light beam in this photograph lasted for only one minute. In order to capture this beam, I sat on the floor of the canyon under a crevasse in the wall. I used my tripod for the long exposure and set my focal point on what looks like a face in the canyon. Sand was continually raining on me. I felt connected and present in this sacred place. Sanctuary was captured with 11 second exposure, f/11 aperture, and a 14mm focal length. After photographing, I met with the Navajo Nations Tribal Council for official permission to sell these images, pay requested fee, and sign the documents. This NFT is the first time I have offered one of the precious canyon images for sale.



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