Marcus Garvey Bust

Artwork information

Wakanomy Presents: "Ascent From Descent" Artifact Collection. Marcus Garvey Bust (includes physical NFT Display)- This NFT artifact is backed by a physical Marcus Garvey bust artifact from one of the largest privately owned African American Artifact collections in the world. Physical artifact is NOT included. A physical NFT Display IS included. Connect your wallet to display this and other NFTs. NFT Display specs below.

Color: White; Weight: 15lbs; Dimensions: 18x27x1.5 inches; Diagonal: 24 inches; Power cord: 10ft; Display Resolution: 1920x1080 - Full HD; Can be hung vertically or horizontally; Storage: 16gb; iOS and Android apps; Supports Metamask and Ethereum currently.

About Marcus Garvey

Hands down the most forward-thinking leader Black people have ever produced. More amazing in-depth information on Marcus Garvey available. Reach out via for the link to unlockable content and shipping information for the physical display.

MP4 includes audio description

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