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“This piece is an abstract interpretation of UZ's track 'Focus,' which carries a light-weight, ethereal energy that transports one to the heavens. The animation focuses on isolating different elements of the track to allow the listener and viewer to pick up on the complexities and richness of the music. The abstract nature of using simple shapes allows the viewer to remove themselves from the world and focus entirely on the music through the use of light, material, and color.” – Cat Owens

You can find her work at

Artwork Specs :
2000x2000px, 30fps
.mp4 with sound
Edition 1/1a

Bonus content :
1x UZ - Trinity LP Vinyl (Limited Edition of 300 copies)
1x UZ - Trinity LP Vinyl | Test Pressing (Limited Edition of 10 copies)
1x UZ - Layers LP Vinyl
1x UZ - Trap Sh*t V1-5 Serato Vinyl
1x UZ - Skip Proof Scratch Sounds 7” Vinyl
1x UZ - Focus (.wav format, 44100hz, 16-bit stereo quality)

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