Breath of The Wild

Breath of The Wild

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She is the child of the city's highest supreme sergeant. and being the chosen one to marry the prince and be the next queen

Habits are people who believe in accuracy, brave, intelligent, love freedom, love adventure, have birds that have been raised and trained to become important helpers.

Talents are quick ears, quick eyes, and a fine nose.

She has a trainer as a general in the palace. number one craftsmanship skilled in scouting, archery, close combat. The Breath of the wild, she likes the smell of soil, grass, trees, even sunlight.

The morning of the second day of the trip. Go explore the northern end of the city through the pine forest that has snow-covered the forest.

Message from the artist: I intend to work on this masterpiece with high attention to detail. using many techniques, uses a lot of energy, and the most used is loving, hope you like it. thank you.

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