Still Life with Berries

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Still Life with Berries Fine Art Food Photography.

About this collectible: The use of berries in this collectible art image, symbolizes sweetness, balance and character while sitting on gold utensils which represent wealth and opulence. The arrangement signifies finding perfection in your imperfection.

Throughout history, the use of food in Art has been a way for Artists not just to show their skills, but to add symbolism to their work, by using something that is essential to our survival: food.

One of the most famous paintings from the late 15th-century, The Last Supper, was centered around food. In fact, paintings of food and banquets featuring food, were commonly commissioned during the Renaissance to signify wealth. It also cannot be ignored that food art has its roots in classical literature.

Some notable artists who chose food as a subject include Joos van Cleve, Willem Kalf, Louise Moillon, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci.

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